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Changelog v1.6

Hier das Changelog der Version v1.6 der Post & DHL Shipping App für Shopify.

Version v1.6 vom 11.02.2021#

All439[Paket] Add State for shopifyRegistrationWorkers
All485[General] Update Dependencies
All493Setting for InitHandler to determine if it should start or not
All495[General] Delete Label - Are you sure popup
All506[General] Make React App Handler to start optionally
All530[General] Remove Rollbar credentials from settings
Bug449[General] Label download sort operation issue
Bug494[General] Fix tests in develop branch
Bug497[Test] P7 - clicking the download link => error
Bug499fix labels list when tracking url is missing
Bug502[General] Single label download on bulk label page
Bug Paket513Empty rates when base rate is zero
DPI466[DPI] Multiple Sender Tax ID add
DPI472[DPI] XBorderWithDuty shipments
eCS Asia465[eCS Asia] CN - country specific product export description if we have a chinese ecs account
eCS Asia490[eCS Asia] Service options not defaulted when products are changed
eCS Asia491[eCS Asia] eCS Asia description length truncate to 50
eCS Asia503[ECS Asia] multiple times Country specific export code
Internetmarke501[Internetmarke] Add Tracking service webhook
Internetmarke504[IM] Cancelation API
Paket466[Paket] Include Enclosed Return Label in bulk label download
Paket476[Paket] Include CN23 document in bulk label download
Paket489[Paket] XBorderWithDuty shipments
Paket505[Paket/DPI] XBorderWithDuty shipments [International Considerations]
Paket514[Paket] additional fees add to cross-border with duty
Paket523[Paket] bulkCreation - additional fees add to cross-border with duty
Tests496P7 fails
Tests505[Test] P2 Fails