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Changelog v1.7

· 3 min read

Hier das Changelog der Version v1.7 der Post & DHL Shipping App für Shopify.

Version v1.7 vom 04.03.2021

All463[General] Custom Name for label
All521check if we really need the read_price_rules permission
All482[General] Update the PR Feature/358 and check if this works correctly
All535Add prefix for rates that are displayed at checkout
Bug543Label Status check returns unknown which raises an exception
Bug548createBulkLabel print single label issue
Bug545[Paket] Create label page issues
Bug544[Paket] participation enhancement for return product
eCS Asia531[eCS Asia] authValid: false does not trigger a re-enter of the password
eCS Asia539[eCS Asia] authValid: false not set
eCS Asia553[eCS] lengths to 50
Paket525[Paket] Print only if codeable - AS option
Paket525[Paket] XborderWithDuty UK
Paket519[Paket] Print Logo on Label
Paket532Can you check out the failing tests again - thx
Paket536[Paket] PreferredDay fix on createLabel Page
Paket517[OrderStatus] Implement Search
Paket490[Paket-OrderStatus] Change location API for packstation
Paket511fix 312 - findOrCreateOrderBuyerChoices
Paket507[Paket-OrderStatus] Upgrade React-Leaflet dependency
Paket487[OrderStatus] TO_PAKET_XXX update from create label page
Paket488[OrderStatus] Pack station in create label page
Paket510Merge develop back into #346
Paket512Only have one query in 312
Paket423[eCS Asia] Bulk label service options
Paket422[PAKET] Bulk label service options
Paket345editAccount modify for preferredServices
Paket346editAccount modify ratesAtCheckout
Paket271CreateBulkLabel fulfillments processor prototype
Paket518[OrderStatus] If we don't have coordinates - Prefill and search with zip code
Paket546[Paket] france address issue
Testing540Fix tests
Testing554[General] Fix tests staging