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Changelog v1.8

· 2 min read

Hier das Changelog der Version v1.8 der Post & DHL Shipping App für Shopify.

Version v1.8 vom 06.04.2021

All542Update chore/449
All541MR Improve Welcome E-Mail - Update branch
All358Improve the welcome email (and also check what other emails we have)
All549[General] create Label - Autoremoved message
All482[General] Update the PR Feature/358 and check if this works correctly
All557[OrderStatus] Error Handling with Rollbar catches all client errors not only ours
Internetmarke526[Internetmarke] Label Printer Support
Paket529[Paket] Account Setting for print phone number on label
Paket555[Paket] spec uses the same order and hence fails
Paket558[Paket] Add participation validation missing
Paket563[Paket] only make settings for return available when participation Return (V07RET) is present
Paket565[Paket] PAKET API - lowercase username
Paket551[Paket] Premium service for International
Paket564[Paket] Label Printer Support Paket
Paket559[OrderStatus] preferred service options settings are ignored
Paket527[OrderStatus] Customer Privacy - Phone number
Paket560Packstationen directly with address
Paket550[Paket] Transport insurance (Transportversicherung)