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Changelog v1.9.1

· One min read

Hier das Changelog der Version v1.9.1 der Post & DHL Shipping App für Shopify.

Version v1.9.1 vom 05.06.2021

All582Improve Gitlab CI build speed
All576Refactor Hooks and Workers to allow parallelisation
All593Download & Print label not working
All556createBulkLabelPage autoremoveLabelsAfterDays not visible
eCS Asia602Upgrade DHL eCS Asia products
Internetmarke591Wapo Intl IM label creation response
Internetmarke508[Internetmarke] implement CN22 for cross-border
Internetmarke586[IM] bulk creation fails when account hast not enough money
Paket581[Paket] fromAddress parsing needs to cover "Postfiliale"
Paket + DPI600Paket Retour Label and DPI Label now show customerReference - i.e. #1412-F1