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Internetmarke is for Warenpost international up to a maximum weight of 2kg. (You can find the national Warenpost bei DHL.) The Internetmarke is easy to use. To do this, you simply need to register at Internetmarke.


At the moment, the products of the Internetmarke are only available in EU countries, but this will be expanded shortly.

Payment is made via this account you simply have to add any credit. The prices are listet here. alt text Now you choose between many payment methods. alt text

Integrate in the App#

  1. Open the Post & DHL Shipping App.
  2. Now you can see the Dashboard, click on View. view
  3. Please click top right on Add New Account. Add New Account
  4. Please select the account type Internetmarke and log in with the same data as on the site from Deutsche Post. add Internetmarke
  5. Now you can select the products to be displayed when you create the label. select products
  6. When creating labels, please note that no labels can be deleted. As soon as a label has been created, it will be charged. The only possibility to delete a label is to contact the Storno Team.

If you would like to have INTERNETMARKE refunded, this is possible in writing (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) within 14 days without giving reasons. To do so, please send the PDF document with the INTERNETMARKE to be refunded and the request for refund by e-mail to Our company will check whether the purchased postage can be refunded to you as a gesture of goodwill. You will then receive a credit in your personal postage account at INTERNETMARKE.

Label Print Settings#

This function allows you to set up your label printing settings. Here you now have the option to change your paket label size Print Settings 1 You can choose between the different sizes. Print Settings 2 And select the appropriate printer. Print Settings 3

International Shipping#

  1. Please open the Post & DHL Shipping App.
  2. Click on the Internetmarke.
  3. Now you can select the international shipping options under the products. Shipping Options
  4. They will be available to you in the label creation process.
  5. Please save your changes.

Settings for international shipping#


Please note that you have previously filled in the Weight, the HS-Code and the Customs Description for all your products. These are required for international shipping and to prepare the customs documents.

Weight and HS code#

For shipping, the weight is required in order to select the appropriate shipping method. The HS code is used to identify and code the goods for the same classification worldwide.

  1. Open Shopify.
  2. Click on Products. Products
  3. To edit a product click on an Article. Article
  4. Now you will find the setting for Shipping in the middle of this page.
  5. Here you can now set the weight as well as the HS-Code. Shipping settings
  6. Please save your changes.

Customs description#

In order to successfully create customs documents, you need a customs description for all your products. How to add this is explained here.

  1. Open Shopify, please go to the Post & DHL Shipping App.
  2. Now you are on the Dashboard of our app.
  3. Then please click on Products. Dashboard
  4. Now you will see all your products listed, select one of them by clicking on Edit Product and Variant Metadata. Products
  5. The first product will now be opened for you, next please click on the small arrow next to Default Title, as marked in the picture below. Edit
  6. Next add a description, which will be needed afterwards for the customs documents, into the field User defined description. edit and save
  7. Please save your changes!

Label for international shipping#

Once you have defined all the data as described above, you can now generate a label for international dispatch. This could look like this, for example. Here you see the shipping label with the included customs document CN22: Label

Possible error message#


This infobox shows you that you have to define the weight of your products for international shipping, which we have described above.

Furthermore, this message shows that the description of the articles for the customs documents is missing, we have already described this to you in the previous article.

The corresponding error message looks like this: error message This shows you, as already described in the infobox, that the weight as well as the description of the products is missing. Furthermore, this error message shows that products must be between class 1-33 for international shipping.