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Paket - Options

How do I get to the options?#

  1. Click on Apps, next on Post & DHL Shipping.
  2. Now you are on the Dashboard, click on DHL Paket.

Now you can edit your account. Here you can see Details, Supported locations. The Participations are explain in the chapter Participations. Label with included return label, Override return address and Return section, are described separately in the chapter Return

Visual check of age#


Additional information -> DHL Paket Visual check of age

  1. The Visual check of age is principally disabled, you can enable with a click on enable. Visual check of age step 1
  2. If you have enable, you will have three options.
  • None
  • 16 years
  • 18 yearsVisual check of age step 2
  1. If you have activated these settings and saved them, you will now see what you have previously selected in the settings every time you create label. Visual check of age step 3
  2. However you can change these settings, every time you create a label. Visual check of age step 4

Parcel outlet routing#


Additional information -> DHL Paket Retail outlet routing

  1. If you want to activate Parcel outlet routing click on enable. Parcel outlet routing step 1 If a parcel could not be deliver, it will get back to the central warehouse.
  2. If you have activated this, this field appears. Parcel outlet routing step 2 If you let the field Set the notification email (optional)free, then the customer E-mail address will automatically be chosen and the customer will get informed about the failed deliver. If you do not want that the customer will get the information, please fill in your own E-mail address.

Bulky goods#


Additional information -> DHL Paket Bulky goods

  1. Please click on enable to activate this function. Bulky goods step 1

Bulky goods include those parcels that exceed these dimensions.

  • Round items (maximum dimensions: length: 200 cm diameter: 60 cm)
  • Items with triangular cross-section
  • Items where parts of the packaging protrude
  • Items that have an uneven supporting surface and are unstable
  • Items that are not cuboid
  • Items that cannot be transported stably on the sorting systems e.g. by uneven surface or spreading packaging parts and that are unstable
  1. Once you have activated this, it should look like this. Bulky goods step 2

Send Parcel Announcement#

  1. To activate this function, click on enable. Send Parcel Announcement step 1 Durch diese Funktion wird der Kunde über das Erreichen, des Paketes informiert.
  2. If you have activated this, it should look like this. Send Parcel Announcement step 2

Print Only if Codeable#

  1. To use this function, click on Enable. print only if codeable
  2. This function supports you in checking the correctness of the addresses. print only if codeable 2

Premium international shipment#

  1. Premium international shipping can also be activated in the options. Premium international shipment Click on Enable. Premium international shipment Furthermore, after you have enabled this, you can specify whether this function should be On or Off by default.

When creating labels for international shipping, the Premium option is at your disposal. Premium international shipment When you print this label, it is marked as shown in our screenshot. Premium international shipment

Additional Insurance#


For an increased level of security and to protect against the unlikely event of loss of shipment or damage.

In principle, we are liable for your DHL parcel for Germany-wide shipping against loss or damage up to EUR 500, without you having to activate this option (only on presentation of the receipted posting receipt).

Additional information -> DHL Paket Additional insurance

  1. To activate this function, click on enable. additional insurance step 1 Click on this link for further information
  2. If you activated this, it should look like this. additional insurance step 2

When creating a label, you can only select this function if the order value is over €500.

In our example you can see that the total amount is 505€, for this reason the additional insurance is possible. additional insurance step 3 Here you can see that the total amount is only 3,20€ so the additional transport insurance is not possible. additional insurance step 3

Preferred Services#

You will find these explanations in the chapter Preferred services.

Rates at Checkout#

This is explained to you in the chapter Preferred services.

Duty Information#

Now you can enter your EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number) here. This is required for customs when shipping to non-EU countries. Duty Information

Print on label#

This is explained in the chapter Print on Label.

Label Print Settings#

This function allows you to set up your label printing settings. Print Settings 1 Here you now have the option to change your paket label size Print Settings 2 You can choose between the different sizes. Print Settings 3 And select the appropriate printer. Print Settings 4

Save changes#

If you have now enable or disable everything, you have these selection options when creating labels. create label



Do not forget to save all changed settings.