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  1. Open Shopify, then please go to the Settings. General step 1
  2. Next click on General. General step 2
  3. Here you will find the general settings. The second item is Shop address. Please fill in the Legal name of company field. General step 3 This information is taken from our app in the General settings. This name will then be part of the shipping address and will be printed on each label. If you do not fill this in you will not be able to create labels with Post & DHL Shipping.


1.Open Shopify, then please go to the Settings Locations step 1 2. Now please click on Locations. Locations step 2 3. Here you can now add your company location, this data will be taken over by our app. Locations step 3 -->This data is required for Override return address and for each label creation.

Shipping confirmation#

Once you have created a label for your customer's order, the tracking number is automatically added to Shopify Fulfilment and sent to the customer. We explain how to get to these settings here.

  1. Open Shopify, then please go to the SettingsShipping confirmation step 1
  2. Click please on Notification. Shipping confirmation step 2
  3. The point Shipping confirmations shows you the email which will send to your customer. Shipping confirmation step 3